The Brew Bracket Story


Brew Bracket is the first of it's kind, a live tasting tournament event. Each Brew Bracket event features a group of local brewers bringing their own version of a broad style of beer (i.e. IPA). Participants visit tasting stations and blindly taste two beers at a time before voting for their favorite. Over the course of the event, the best brews move through a bracket style tournament until a champion is declared. The event helps celebrate some of Indiana's finest local beers and is a great opportunity for craft beer enthusiasts to find out more about their personal favorites through blind tasting.


How does it work?

1) Taste: Visit tasting stations, taste two delicious local beers

2) Vote: Vote for your favorite of the two

3) Repeat: Enjoy an afternoon of great beer until a winner is chosen 

Brew Bracket was started in Indiana with the first event featuring local IPAs held in the Spring of 2011. Brew Bracket has been recognized in many local and global publications and is proud to be the only beer tasting event in the US (and possibly the universe) to feature two tasting glasses for each participant for true side by side taste comparison. 


Backyard Brewfest

The Backyard Brewfest is an alternative festival geared towards an a la carte setup of sampling and voting. Different style stations feature flights of four local beers within a broad style category. Determine your favorite beer and learn more about the distinctions within the style through blind tasting. The Backyard Brewfest debuted within the Indiana Flower and Patio Show at the State Fairgrounds on March 8-16, 2014. Keep your eyes out to see this rotating festival around town. Contact us to bring a Brew Bracket Backyard Brewfest to your business or at-home event. 


Buying a Round

Brew Bracket is proud to support local organizations with by donating a portion of ticket sales from each event. To date, Brew Bracket events have raised over $10,000 towards local causes that include The Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, Movember Indy, SCI Hope FundChildren's Bureau, Greenways FoundationKeep Indianapolis Beautiful, Little Red Door Cancer Agency, People for Urban Progress, and King Park Development Corporation. 


Special thanks to Brandon Knapp and KC Goshert Photography for many of the shots on our website. Thanks also to several sponsors that continue to help us on our adventures.